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Current Services Offered  

Sahara Rehab Consulting offers assessment and treatment to children, adults, and seniors with conditions such as sensory-motor disorders, development delays, musculoskeletal, neurological or brain injuries, as well as mental illness.

We provide Occupational Therapy, Case Management and Kinesiology services, as well as Physiotherapy through our service partners.

Our goal is to optimize an individual's functioning in all aspects of their life, including self-care, leisure, and productivity while adopting a holistic, client-centered approach.

  • Active Rehabilitation (See FAQ below)
  • PGAP - Implementation of the Progressive Goal Attainment Program 
  • Case Management
  • In-Home Assessments
  • School Assessment for Children over 5 years in age
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation 
  • Education and Life Skills Training to parents supporting children with disabilities
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Return to Work Planning 
  • Mobility Equipment Assessments
  • Home Accessibility Assessments 
  • Kinesiologist Services 


What is Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational therapists (OT's) specialize in improving a person's daily functioning by helping them regain cognitive and motor skills and/or adapt to limitations through modification of tasks and/or the environment.

OTs are an integral part of the rehabilitation treatment team and generally, their expertise can be broken out into either assessment or intervention services.

Typical Assessment Services
 provided by OT’s include:
  • Evaluation of a person's abilities related to activities of daily living (ADL's)
  • Dressing/grooming
  • Eating
  • Home management (e.g. cooking, cleaning)
  • Functioning at work
  • Evaluation of cognitive, motor, and visual functioning as related to the performance of functional activities.
  • Home-based evaluations to identify environmental factors that may negatively affect functioning at home (e.g. the layout of rugs and furniture that could increase the risk of falls).
Typical Intervention Services provided by OT’s include:
  • Therapies to increase motor control for performance of daily activities.
  • Guidance to a person with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and family members regarding how to structure environments (e.g., at home) to reduce overstimulation for improved cognitive and physical function.
  • Recommendations regarding equipment that will assist in doing daily activities (e.g., a shower seat, adapted kitchen utensils), and training in the use of the equipment.
  • Therapies to help persons with TBI use strategies to manage cognitive difficulties (e.g., use of planners/PDAs to cope with memory difficulties).
OT's provide therapy services within inpatient and outpatient settings.  In inpatient rehabilitation settings, therapies can occur 5 out of 7 days.  In outpatient rehabilitation settings, therapies may occur from 1-3 times/week.  

Typical Occupational therapy sessions range from 30-60 minutes per visit.

Sahara Rehab Now Offers Active Rehab 

F.A.Q.'s About Active Rehab

What is Active Rehab?

Active rehabilitation is the utilization of precise exercises to correct an injury or loss of function.  An active rehab program would be designed for you by a certified Kinesiologist to address your specific recovery needs

What is a Kinesiologist?

Kinesiologists are health professionals who are experts in human movement and exercise therapy.  Their role is to provide you with exercises/stretches specific to your recovery, oversee and support you while you perform your exercises, and adapt your program as your condition improves!  As part of their support role, a Kinesiologist will provide you with the education necessary to feel confident exercising independently and ensure you are set up for long-term success.

What are the Goals of Active Rehab?

Active rehab can take place at your home, the gym, or a pool, depending on your rehabilitation needs.  It is the final chapter in your recovery and provides you the stepping-stone from managing your injury symptoms, to being conditioned to return to your pre-injury lifestyle. 

All services provided by Sahara Rehab Consulting follow the highest standards of confidentially and quality 
as outlined by the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC)

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